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De la Guerra 08 Exterior Light Fixture

About Dark Sky


Our Dark-Sky compliant light fixtures are designed to reduce light pollution, thus working in agreement with IDA’s mission to minimize glare, reduce light trespass and eliminate night sky pollution. Dark-sky compliance is defined by the approval of outdoor lighting ordinances through the IDA Fixture Seal of Approval program, which declares:

A fixture must be fully shielded and emit no light above the horizontal plane. There shall be no sag or drop lenses, side light panels, uplight panels, etc. Approved fixtures shall employ warm-toned (3000K and lower) white light sources or may employ amber light sources or filtered LED light sources. If other CCTs or mounting options are available for the luminaire, a notation needs to be made on the web page, spec sheets, and order forms that 3000K or warmer, and fixed mounts must be ordered for IDA certification compliance. Across the nation, states are increasingly adopting outdoor lighting ordinances. While policies vary from state to state, the IDA is a driving force behind many changes and dark-sky reinforcements.

When determining how to properly illuminate outdoor areas, IDA asks that you consider these five principles before implementing permanent, outdoor lighting ordinances.

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